13 Things You Need to do this Summer

13 Things You Should Do This Summer

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Summer is in full swing and it can be easy to fall into the trap of sitting inside, doing nothing. When in reality there is so much to do in the Summer and here is my Summer to-do list!

  • Eat S’Mores. Who doesn’t love a gooey chocolaty mess? The real question is burnt or golden? I’m a slow toasting golden type a person.
  • Go to theme park! I absolutely love roller coasters, but cannot even think about going on any spinning rides. Here are a few parks in Iowa and Minnesota! 
  • Drive in movie theater. Check out our post on locations and what to bring!
  • Watch fireworks. Maybe one of the most overrated things to do in my opinion, but it’s something we all do. It’s what makes summer, summer.
  • Have a BBQ. The smell of burgers sizzling on the grill and corn on the cob being buttered are enough to make my mouth water. But you can’t forget the coleslaw and lemonade!
  • Go to a concert. There are more free outdoor live music events than I ever realized! Many fairs and farmers markets have live music.
  • Go on a hike or explore your hometown. Visit as if you are a tourist and you may just see your town in a new perspective.
  • Go swimming, find a beach, build a sandcastle, or go tubing down a river. Basically it’s summertime and it gets hot so find some water and cool off!
  • Have a picnic. Again it’s finally the few months of the year that snow isn’t falling so enjoy the sunshine while we can.
  • Go camping. I never saw myself as an outdoorsy person, but I actually love going camping. Maybe because I don’t worry about what I look like since we all slept in a tent and no one, I repeat NO ONE, wakes up like this. Oh and another benefit…more S’Mores!
  • Garage sales. I am all about a good deal especially being in college, I’m balling on a budget. Also you never know what you are going to find. Last summer I found a cake pop maker and my Halloween costume for $3 (which I paid for in quarters, no shame) 
  • Farmers market. Local produce, handmade jellies, local art, and so much more, like delicious food trucks!
  • Visit a zoo. I love animals, especially baby animals! Most zoos have low admission fees or are donation based so this is a cheap and fun activity.Giraffe at Zoo

I hope this inspires you to get outside today and enjoy the fresh air!