3 Easy to Make Christmas Gift Ideas

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With Christmas less than a week away lets talk about quick and easy gifts! Here are 3 easy to make Christmas gift ideas for you last minute gifters.

  1. A decorated coffee or wine glass. This is so easy, simply buy a plain coffee mug or wine glass and get sharpies and start decorating! You can make this very personal or as generic as you want. A lot cheaper than buying those cute decorative mugs from Target.
Coffee Mug

2. Wooden ornaments or signs are all the rage! I recently went to Chipped Inscriptions here in Forest City with my volleyball team and it was so fun and easy. Relatively inexpensive too! I personally have done the wooden signs for family members last year and am trying to make the ornaments this year.

Wooden Sign

3. Mason jar meals. Ready to-go desserts, hot chocolate, or soups in a mason jar are always a good idea. Like who doesn’t love premade food?? Everyone is working 24/7 and is always on the go so this is the perfect gift for anyone! Here is a link for some soup recipes. Also it’s great because the gift receiver gets a free mason jar which has many purposes. 

Oh and if anyone is still looking for a Christmas gift for me: Microwaveable Slippers. I saw this on another site and thought this was the most genius idea ever! Lowkey going to have to buy a pair for myself because my feet are ALWAYS freezing.