5 Best Things to do in South Dakota

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This last weekend I took a short trip to South Dakota! This was my first time being there and I had an absolute blast. Here are my recommendations of the top 5 things you should do if traveling to South Dakota:

5 Best things to do in South Dakota

  1. Start the day off right and get breakfast in Wall Drug. The coolest part of this was the brands from over the years of different ranchers along all the walls.Wall Drug Store_Wall, SD
  2. Explore in the Badlands. This was the first thing we really did (besides breakfast) and it was exciting to see something besides grass and fields. lol
  3. See Mount Rushmore. How can a person go to South Dakota and not see the giant heads…?Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
  4. Drive through Custer State Park and on Needles Highway! When we drove through Custer State Park the Bison came right up to the car…I was slightly terrified, not going to lie. And Needles Highway was breathtaking, mostly because of the beauty but slightly due to terror. The road is rather narrow and windy and drops off the edge and I was in a truck. At one point we drove through a tunnel and had to pull the mirrors in or we definitely would not have fit through.
  5. Go horseback riding through the Black Hills. First off, the Black Hills are absolutely beautiful! And secondly, being able to ride a horse instead of drive or even walk through was amazing. It was so peaceful since we went in the morning! This is the place we went through for the horse rides, they were very nice and full of information. I might even stay in one of their cabins next time I go there!