5 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Facebook Ads

  Back to blog Vanessa Doden

Facebook Ads are a great way to market your website and business but knowing how to use it is critical for success. Not knowing how to use it effectively can drain your marketing budget and produce very poor results. Here are some common mistakes to avoid and how to correct them.

1. Targeting Multiple Interests in a Single Ad Set (Too Broad)

Narrow down the interests and demographics when creating an ad set. Think of who it is you want to appeal to and reach. Targeting specifically will result in more exposure to these ad sets.

2. Running Too Many Ads On a Small Budget

Too many ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads, especially on a small budget, can result in very poor results and essentially a waste of time and money. Use your budget and consolidate into 2 or 3 ad sets with 3 to 6 ads in each.

3. Selecting the Wrong Campaign Objective

Creating ads that try and grab cold audiences is selling too quickly. When looking for leads it takes times to build the relationship with your audience. Also, when trying to generate leads in a campaign select conversions and optimization for leads instead of lead ads, engagement or clicks.

4. Running Ads Then Not Following Through

Campaigns need to be analyzed on an on-going basis. Observe while it’s active then after it has completed its run. Look at the Return on Ad Spend, cost, relevance, frequency, and CPM metrics. Make adjustments for future ads and content as well as objectives and targeting.

5. Creating Ads Without Understanding the Overall Campaign Settings

Business owners can waste money by choosing the wrong settings in Facebook Ad Manager or by boosting posts. These wrong settings can result in bad ad placement, bad optimization or bad targeting. Invest your time by doing training on Facebook Blueprint courses or have someone more knowledgable help you choosing what settings are the best. Another thing to keep in mind is Automatic Placements will place ads not only on Facebook but sites across the Audience Network like Instagram.