Instagram: 5 Reasons to “Instantly” Fall in Love

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I love Instagram. Yep. I do. My account is filled with the cutest, sweetest pictures of my daughter and my awesome, ordinary life. It’s my storyboard and Instagram makes storytelling easy.

Here are 5 reasons why I love Instagram (and why you should download the free app!).

1. Instagram is visual– Not only is Instagram a bunch of photos, it’s a look. The app offers different filters to apply to your pictures and transform them into what I call a “mood”. In one quick swipe, your photo looks like a professionally edited image with great lighting! People will be asking you what kind of camera you use, when really it’s the camera on your iPhone.

2. Instagram is shareable– The app plays well with Facebook and Twitter. Share your photos automatically or on occasion (we don’t want to overkill everyone with the same content all the time, right?).

3. Instagram is for Business- Yes, it works best for product based businesses, but that’s not always the case! Your business can tell a story, too. Add photos of your office, projects you’re working on, and your team. Not all pictures have to be work related. There are plenty of opportunities to show your personality.

4. Instagram is a following platform- Follow the accounts of all your favorite public figures, businesses, and friends. You can find breaking news, inspiration for your next DIY project, and the best #TBT posts on any social media platform. If you are business, add links to your website and drive traffic to contests, giveaways, and other cool stuff you may be offering.

5. Instagram is fun– You won’t know how fun it is, until you try it! This is easily my favorite app. It keeps me connected to users who are not on Facebook or Twitter and it makes me feel like I have firsthand knowledge about the lives of so many people. So, even if you didn’t like my first 4 reasons, you should definitely join based on the simple fact that the app is fun!

Not only do I recommend using Instagram for your personal use, your business should be using it too! Conversion pages and Instagram go hand in hand. Link directly to where you want your traffic to go and entice users with your beautiful photos! Having the right picture at the right time could lead to huge successes. It doesn’t hurt either that Instagram has over 400 million monthly users.

Download from the app store on your phone or visit to start posting pictures and follow me: Brittyjb

-brittyjb • Instagram photos and videos