7 Pro Tips on Your Way to College

  Back to blog Haley Moklestad

Something sweet, something special. It’s big and important, it’s your first day of college. Who do you want to know, who would you like to know? What is the crowd you want to be a part of? Where are your classes? What are you going to wear? Seems like a trick because you’ve done this many times before. You’re nervous, you’re shy. It’s all about learning right? But listen I’ve some advice for you!

1.Freshman – Please don’t act like the big fish

Truth is were all equal here. This is not high school anymore and many uniquely different people come here. There is no ranking and who’s popular or not. There are people who are weird and people who are cool. Accept them all because you’ll be here four years, learn to love, and learn to be nice.

2. Your college friends will be your forever friends

You’ll make many memories with your college friends, even living with them will be an experience. Enjoy this because plans change and people change, not everyone that enrolls in college will stay all four years. Some will transfer and others will decide it wasn’t for them. Fact is, you change in college, and hanging out with your high school/hometown friends won’t be the same. During the school year it will be hard to find time to hangout besides breaks and summers especially if you attend college some distance away from your hometown. But sometimes reconnecting later in life will be so much better than high school. If anything know that some people only come into your life for a short while.

3. Education is so important

It’s why you’re here right? Yes, by all means have a fun in college, but make sure you leave time for studying too. Good grades aren’t everything even some employers don’t look at what grade you got in History 101. It’s what you take away from those boring classes and what you learn in those long all-nighters. STUDY. Always be prepared for a pop quiz, listen in class and ask questions! Yes, it’s true many freshman that arrive to campus aren’t even sure what they want to do. This is the perfect opportunity to take classes that interest you.

4. Yes, you already know what I’m going to say…

Parties. Yes they happen and if your parents ask don’t tell them that there were a hundred drunk people in an old house that probably almost broke the first floorboards. You’ll do stupid things, but promise yourself this… learn from them. Learn that drinking isn’t everything and most of the time the best experiences will be the all-nighters spent with your classmates that you’ll remember the most.

5. Finding love

College is about finding yourself, but that doesn’t mean losing yourself in a relationship. There are a lot of people who find the one they’ll marry in college and some don’t. It’s simple you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Love at your age is supposed to be fun and carefree, so live it up & have fun!

6. Learn what type of coffee you like and how to make it

Coffee it’s probably the most essential thing besides your notes that you take in class. You’ll need it when you wake up, and you’ll need it at 2 a.m. when you’re writing that research paper that is due in four hours. If you’re in a small town community college there is probably only one business open, and it’s the 24 hour gas station plus who has money to pay for someone else to make you coffee. You’ll want to buy a bag of coffee and hold it close to your heart.

7. Where is your College/University located?

Know the place you are going to spend the next four years at. Whether it’s knowing where to eat or places to work, explore the town. Find a student that lives in the area and become friends with them, they’ll show you all the hidden gems around the city.

Truth is, these will be your best years yet and don’t forget to have fun before you have to deal with what the real world throws at you. You’ll learn a lot either in the classroom or about life. Things & people will change you for the better, and hopefully through this struggle you’ll find yourself and know who you have become. But at the end of this crazy roller coaster you will receive your degree, and nobody can take that away from you. YOU CAN DO THIS.