8 Fundamental Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following

  Back to blog Vanessa Doden

Your business’ website more than likely has a couple of social media accounts attached to it to help push more traffic to it.

1. Define goals and objectives

Think about what it is that you are going after and plan with what account will help you push toward that goal. Not all platforms are the same so don’t use them all the same. A post may only need to be one or two rather than across all the accounts you have.

2. Engage with your audience

You are a human and not a robot, show your audience by interacting with them. Create content that is real and your audience can relate to. Respond to comments or show your appreciation to those who give you good reviews or post about your business.

3. Think of their needs

What content can you create that your audience would like to read about? What are their needs? Is there any information, a product, or service you can provide that caters to what they need or don’t have? Give them a reason to follow you.

4. Link profiles to your website and include icons

Link social media pages together and to your website to streamline the posting process and make content sharing easier. Also, include the social media icons on your website so your audience can follow you easier.

5. Share Share Share!

Share any posts regarding sales and promotions but don’t get too spammy. Oversharing may cause people to be less engaged on social media with your business.

6. Have a social media strategy

Create a content calendar to help you stay organized and also to have content posted on the right platform to optimize the best traffic to your website. Do the research and look into your analytics on when it is you get the most traffic and what platforms are driving them.

7. Create valuable content

Give your audience what they want to read and make sure all content is beneficial to your website. Not just in writing a blog post but make sure all content on your social media really showcases your website and business.

8. Post at a reasonable rate

Post at what is most comfortable or manageable. What things could be posted daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly? A photo could be shared daily but something like a blog post may be better by weekly or every other week.