How do you Online Shop in 2016?

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I love the convenience of online shopping.

I can browse hundreds of items, read reviews, and create ‘wish lists’. I do this in the comfort of my own home,¬†while wearing my pajama’s with a drink in my hand. A few clicks later, a new order is¬†processed and shipped to my front door. I don’t have step foot in the store ever again…if I really want to live that way. Personally, I enjoy shopping at the actual retail store location, but when I am in a bind or need something quickly, I opt for online ordering. I live in a rural area where the nearest shopping center is at least 45 miles away, making online shopping an easier option for my family and I.

If you online shop, what kind of items do you buy online? I tend to buy books, electronics, clothing and make-up online. Pet supplies and groceries usually don’t make the cut. I will go to the store to buy those. Household goods like cleaning supplies or even home improvement items are things I want to get at the store. However, I may do a quick “webrooming” before I step in the store. Webrooming is when a person researches online before heading to the store to make the purchase. I tend to webroom for larger purchases, things like appliances. I want to see the washing machine, open it up a few times and press the buttons before I bring it home. The store website allows me to check out what they have to offer beforehand and compare brands and price points, which helps me narrow down my purchasing decision. This is something I love to do! In contrast with webrooming, I sometimes do the opposite and “showroom” shop. I will buy an item online after browsing at the store location. Showrooming is helpful when I know I can get a better deal online but want to see the product first. My husband and I did this with several baby products and furniture for our daughter’s nursery. I would go to the store, check out the items I was interested in and then buy them for a more discounted price online.

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The online shopping experience has greatly improved over the last decade and the future continues to look bright for E-Commerce sites. According to the CMO Digital Forum, U.S. shoppers expect competitive prices, easy payment options, quick delivery, and free returns. If a an E-Commerce website offers dependable innovation and fine customer service, it is likely to succeed with digital shoppers. Not every store is offering both avenues of shopping at their location and online, but to compete in the retail market, this change is inevitable going forward.

If you are a retail business owner and you are not online, now is the time to start building your digital presence. Get the E-commerce site set up, develop a marketing plan, and advertise online. You can remarket your products to all of the digital shoppers who are webrooming and showrooming. It’s the definite future of retail, with an average worth of over $280 billion dollars in sales in the United States alone.