Ball Game Survival Kit

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It’s summer and that means baseball, softball, and t-ball! Whether going to a professional, amateur, summer league, or your kid’s game you will want to know what to pack in your ball game survival kit. I know I make lists for everything so I don’t forget something important so hopefully this list will help you!

  • It gets hot so make sure to bring water. Maybe even more than you think you would need.
  • Sunflower seeds are a must. My favorite flavor is dill pickle! Anyone else??
  • Definitely bring a glove for yourself. At a professional game? Might catch a ball. At your child’s game? Help them practice before!
  • They aren’t called baseball hats for nothing.
  • If you are like me you sit in the sun for 2 hours and are as red as a lobster, so you better pack the sunscreen in the good ol’ survival kit. Here are some of the highest rated sunscreens for kids in 2018.
  • I also can’t go longer than like 3 hours without eating so snacks are vital in any and every situation!
  • lawn chair or a blanket to sit on and enjoy the game if there aren’t any bleachers or other seating.
  • Lastly, an Umbrella! you never know when it might rain or you just want to get out of the shade for a bit.

Know of more items we should be packing for sporting events? Let me know!