Best of 2018, Memes and More

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How is it already 2019?! I feel like the older I get the faster time flies, how is that?? So shall we do a round up of the best of 2018? I think yes!

Let’s start with memes 🙂

Want more memes? Here 33 more for your entertainment.


I love watching movies when I get the chance so let’s do movies next. I love most of the DC and Marvel movies, so no surprise that Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War are on my best of 2018 list. Incredibles 2 was nothing short of incredible. Pun intended lol. I literally just watched Bird Box on Netflix and wow. Now I know what everyone is tweeting about, you really do need to watch it if you haven’t. Some other really good ones include: Game Night, A Star is Born, Mary Poppins Returns, Life of the Party, I Feel Pretty, and First Man.

Oh and if you are still in the Christmas spirit make sure to check out my Christmas Movies blog from last week!


Songs are hard because I mostly listen to country so I will stick to what I know.

What were your favorites of 2018?