Branding on Social Media

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Branding can be hard, whether it’s for a specific social media platform or a company as a whole. You want to come up with something that describes who you are, but keep it intriguing! I read tons of articles that talked about having consistency, whether that’s the same filter you put on every picture or using the same phrase or hashtag.

Personal Branding

When I think of branding I instantly think of for a company, but you, as an individual, have a brand and it’s more important than you may think. Your brand is what is unique about you and your values. More and more companies are turning to applicant’s social media accounts to learn more about who they may be hiring. I  was always told, “don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see.” All I have to say is sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry you posted something. Some of my personal fav accounts are bloggers like @nicole_thenomad and @_mackenziebay_ their accounts are so easy to relate to and real life. Do you follow any bloggers I should be following?? Let me know below!Instagram Feed

Business Branding

As for company branding on social media in this day and age, you don’t want to be salesy. Try providing value to your followers. Millennials don’t want to see ad after ad or be sold something every time they see one of your posts. If you try that, they are more than likely going to click the unfollow button (I know I sure have). Now you might think that sounds difficult and what do you post if not trying to sell stuff. It’s not that you can’t feature your products, but more in the presentation of your products and services. Get in the mindset that you are providing value to your customers by gaining their trust first. It also is super important to really think about who you are going to be marketing to BEFORE you come up with your posting strategy. Knowing your following helps you to better interact with them. 

Love Your Melon

I love this cause and their fun and bright feed!

Some different ways to be consistent is through a color scheme. I have been trying that out on Coloff Digital’s Instagram page (check it out here and let me know what you think). Also, I think it’s important to think about using a hashtag that is personal and unique. Something that can be intriguing, it will allow followers to recognize your brand but want to learn more. I find it helpful to find alternative accounts in your niche to look for inspiration.  Anther way to create consistency is to post on a schedule or by using the same filter on each picture. As for companies with products to feature I like to look at Oreo and Love Your Melon. They do a good job of showing off their products but not being salesy.


I don’t know about you, but this makes me want a Double Stuffed Oreo right now!


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