Change is happening (and not just at Coloff)

  Back to blog Savanna Cordle

If you have driven past Coloff Digital lately you may have noticed some change. That’s right we got some upgrades to the outside of our building and we are so excited about it!!

Liz, our project manager and painter extraordinaire, painted the top of our building with a new coat of black paint earlier this summer. Then about 2 weeks ago we got our new logo put up on the side of our building! We think it looks pretty snazzy, and yes I did look that word up and it is real.Coloff Digital-Forest City, Iowa-New Sign on Building

The world is changing at lightning speed thanks to technology, and we are keeping up. As new challenges arise our staff at Coloff Digital are ready to face them, head on! They are ready to learn at any and every opportunity. One of the best attributes you can have is being open to change and accepting that it is just a matter of time before something is going to get replaced. With a new method or product or technology, there is always a new opportunity, to utilize this new information.

As a business in today’s society it is so important to allow change to happen. You are growing! When employees have freedom their creativity can fly, bettering your company and ultimately the most important aspect to any business, the customers! Happy employees equals better efficiency and better attitudes. When customers see that you are staying current in your industry trends they will feel that they are in capable hands and do business with you longer.

Have you or your company made any changes lately to stay updated and relevant? Let us know! We would love to hear from you and what you are up to.