Convey Your Brand With Color

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What color is your logo? Convey your brand with the right colors.

Color is one of the best ways to convey your brands story. It’s the easiest way to non verbally communicate. When you are working on creating or re-imaging your brand, take your color scheme very seriously! Think about which colors resonate with your brand style.┬áResearchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone. Our brains prefer recognizable brands, which makes color important when creating brand identity.

You are creating a feeling, a mood, and a image that will help play a role in persuasion with your customers.

Check out this color connection chart. It will help you get started building your brand.

color connection

As you can see Coloff Digital’s logo is blue and gold. If you look at the blue and the brown color (most similar to gold in our case) you will see these words:

  • Unity

  • Trust

  • Confidence

  • Loyalty

  • Technology

  • Stability

  • Reliability

  • Natural

These words mean a lot to us and so does visual branding. At Coloff Digital we will work consistently to build your brand awareness. Your audience will be visually connected and captivated by your brand.

What colors will have the biggest impact on your brand?