Drive-in Theater Tips

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I know what you’re thinking, “drive-in movie theaters still exist?” and the answer is yes! 10/10 would recommend going to a drive-in theater if you haven’t yet because the experience is EVERYTHING.

Wondering where you can find one? Don’t worry I did the work for you and found a few in Minnesota, Iowa, and even Wisconsin. My personal favorite is the Vali-Hi location since I’ve actually been there multiple times and they show 3 movies for the price of 1 (that a normal theater would charge). The only problem is you end up staying up alllll night. I’m serious, you end up leaving at the butt-crack of dawn (AKA way too early for normal people)  OR you are like me and take a little nap in the 2nd movie..oops!

Now that you have picked which one you’re going to, you need to know what to bring:

  • Lawn chairs. Depending on the vehicle you bring you might not want to sit in it to watch.
  • Lots of blankets and pillows (gonna want to get comfy if you are going for the long haul of 3 movies)
  • Bugspray. Because it’s the midwest and it’s summer time.
  • Plenty of snacks. I have the tendency to bring too many snacks, but then again is that really a thing? I like to have options….
  • Bring a football, frisbee, volleyball, or something to do before the movie starts if you show up early!
  • Jumper cables are never a bad idea if your vehicle battery isn’t the best and remember to start the car between movies to recharge the battery OR bring a seperate radio to tune into the movie!
  • A grill! Some locations allow you to come early and grill out on a small grill so make sure to check the rules before going.
  • Warm clothes. Again it’s the midwest and it may be summer, but it still can get chilly at night!
  • Lastly, friends! I love going with my friends and family and have gone since I was a little kid and some of my favorite memories are watching the fireworks on the 4th of July while watching a movie!