Guide to Football Season

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Football season is in full swing and like most of us, you are planning on watching a few games! Whether actually going to a game or watching it on your TV, here are the things you won’t want to forget!

Going to the football game

  • Blankets and Jackets and Hats and Mittens. We live in the Midwest where one minute it’s 80 degrees and the next 30 degrees! This is why I prefer to go to games earlier in the season, before it seems to be winter.
  • Snacks. Growing up, getting Speghetti-o’s where my favorite thing to get at football games. I don’t know why, lol. Some other good snacks are popcorn and hot chocolate!
  • Team’s gear. You have to support your favorite team so people aren’t confused about what team you are on! I always thought I was so cool because I has a pink Vikings hat as a little girl. And you can’t forget the pom-poms or face paint!
  • Posters. This is my favorite part of going to football games. I love making signs for my friends and showing my support when possible.


Watching on TV

  • Food. They are even more important now than when at the game. Chips and dip or chili is the way to go here! Honestly, anything that can be made in the crock pot is ideal so you don’t miss the big play trying to cook. Oh and beverage of choice (can’t forget that!).
  • Friends. The more the merrier in my opinion! It’s always fun to get hyped with friends and watch sports. A little quality banter if you are on opposing teams is always fun too.
  • Your Favorite Jersey. Again, you have to make sure everyone knows what team you are cheering on!
  • Conch Shell. Now you might think this is a weird one, but have you ever heard how loud they can be if you blow into them? A tradition in my household is when the Vikings would score a touchdown, my dad would “play” the shell so to speak.  Here is a link to listen to it and watch someone play!

Which team is your favorite?