How to Keep Your Sanity in the Last Few Days of the Election

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By Megan Brandrup

This presidential election has been one of the most publicized and talked about elections in U.S. history. Whether you support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, you are probably counting the seconds until this election is over. Political ads get repetitive, fliers on your door get irritating and phone calls from political candidates start to interfere with your day. With just five days left in this election, both campaigns will be out in full force. Use these tips to help you navigate these last few days before the new leader of the free world is selected.

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1. Limit your time on social media.

Seriously! If you are tired of politics and don’t want to see any more political propaganda, you pretty much have to stay off the internet right now. Aside from political ads, you can definitely count on seeing articles and posts shared by friends on social media that make your blood boil, or simply annoy you to no end. Trust me, if you’re tired of politics, just say no to social media this week.

2.  Watch the news only once a day.

News outlets are always talking about the election. It is important to stay informed, however, the news could spend hours talking about politics. Limit your viewing to once a day, and your head may start to feel like it actually wont explode. Also, try your best to watch the most unbiased news networks. It’s good to hear both sides and stay well-rounded and open-minded.

3. If you must comment, do so nicely.

Your Aunt on your father’s side just posted an article that you can’t fight the urge to comment on, go ahead! It’s good to share your opinions. However, even if you don’t agree, being respectful is the best way to avoid Facebook fights. Remember, the election is almost over, don’t ruin a relationship over differing opinions. Differences are what make us special. The election will end, and you won’t hear political opinions from your friends for another 4 years.

This election has sparked more controversy than anyone has ever expected. Stay involved politically, but doing so in moderation can keep you from total political burnout. Stay strong! Soon enough our timelines will once again be filled with cat videos and Buzzfeed quizzes!