How-to Schedule Facebook Posts

  Back to blog Savanna Cordle

One of my responsibilities here at Coloff  Digital is to post on social media. I like to stay organized and be ahead of the game. So, often I schedule Facebook posts in advance so the day of I don’t have to even be in the office or be scrambling to find content. Here is how I do it:

  1. First, I decide what I want to post about whether it’s a link or photo (or a great meme) and make sure it’s post worthy. (Here are the websites I use often for content).
  2. I go to Facebook on the account I will be posting to. Then go to “Publishing Tools” at the top of the page. From there, you can see what you have recently published.  And on the side you can see what posts you have scheduled.
  3. Once you get to this page, you simply “Create” the post with your content (photo or link) and schedule it for the time you want it to post!

I  find it helpful to create a calendar to keep track of what you have already posted about and what you want to post about in the future. I prefer to use Google calendar that looks like this. Also, I use it for writing blogs! 

What else would you like to learn about? Let me know in the comments!