Instagram is for Businesses too!

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As I was starting this internship with Coloff Digital they told me that I can run the Instagram account. I was like oh cool I already know how to do that, I have my own account, this will be easy! What I didn’t realize there is actually a lot of thought that goes behind a “good” or aesthetically pleasing account!Aesthetically-pleasing-Instagram

Step 1. Understanding who you are

First thing to think about is what your brand is. Who are you as a business and who do you want to attract as customers? From there you start to think about what you want to post about (there are so many articles and infographics on Pinterest with ideas of what to post) and if you want to have a theme. It could be to have the same filter for every picture or a color scheme, something to make it look like your page is put together. A business could also focus on their products or their logo as the main focus of pictures. The possibilities are endless. I do recommend looking at other businesses in your industry and in general. Look to see what they are doing that you like for inspiration and to be able to differentiate yourself! All in all, you want a feed that is YOUR brand and is consistent. 

**Shameless plug-I have been trying to do a color scheme with @coloffdigital if you want to check that out and let me know what you think!**

Step 2. Get active on your account

So as we all know there is the fun thing of Instagram stories! I personally loooovvveee these!  Like yes, let me post a cute boomerang of me and my coffee… You can post something for 24 hours if you don’t want it on your feed forever. But if you change your mind you can add them to the highlight reel and then it stays on the top forever!! There is also this cool thing where you can go live if you want. There is so much you can do with this function…(blog about that coming soon!)

Step 3. Know how you’re doing

Insights. They are crucial to understanding what is working for your posts and what isn’t. You have to have a business profile, but that is super easy to convert if you don’t have one at the moment! The only downfall is you have to have 100 followers in order to “unlock” some insights, specifically demographics of your followers (all the more motivation to grow your following and get your name out there!)

Using hashtags are great if you can create one personal to your business and use it on all your posts. Hashtags are funny because sometimes the more random and clever they are the more people will like them!

Still want more information? I found this article, 7 Tips for Using Instagram for Business, to be very helpful when I was doing my research and needing inspiration! OR if you want more information about marketing on Instagram you can read our other blog here!

The important thing is never the number of followers you have…You want quality not quantity, meaning you want followers that are going to interact with you and be a part of your brand.