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Have you ever thought about marketing on Instagram? This platform is easy to understand and yet you can do multiple activities within the app.

Millennials think it’s a fun new way to express yourself and show off their professional photographing skills, but have you thought about marketing on such a unique platform. The home news feed is incredibly handy for marketing because only one image can be viewed at a time. This is a huge opportunity for potential customers to actually read and see your posts.

Captions. They are everything so come up with the most creative caption & you win. Also tagging who is in the photo will boost impressions and describing a link in the shop’s biography will send traffic straight to your business. It’s all about attracting the human eye to your Instagram profile. The only way millennials get to know one another is simply reading people’s social media profiles, so shooting a well photographed image and choosing a photo filter is key for this eye catching effect.

The newest feature that Instagram has brought to the platform is stories. Sounds familiar right? Probably because Snapchat first came up with the idea, but who’s keeping track. This fun activity lets you post a picture or a video for up to twenty four hours. By making this feature their own, they have added ‘Going Live.’ Wait… are we talking about Snapchat or Facebook? If your business is attending an event or hosting an event ‘Going Live’ promotes the fun event that some are unable to attend. Being active on your account will attract attention and get you to your goals, so you do you have what it takes to be an Instagramer?