The Kind of Stuff Everyone Should be Posting.

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By Megan Brandrup

Social Media can be a tricky thing to master. Should I post this? What would someone think of this post? You want your social media to appear well-rounded and appropriate, but you also want to have a funny or quirky edge. I have compiled a list of the types of posts you should be posting to have the most interesting social media account out of all of your friends!

1. Posts that are informative or educational.

There is nothing wrong with sharing news or educational information. News articles from reputable sources like NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, etc, would all work as sources of accurate news. Educational information is also great to post.

2. Light-hearted humor

Toilet humor is lame, and only a select group of people will find it funny. Keep your funny posts light and easy to digest. Everyone loves a funny cat picture!

3. Spreads a positive message

There are so many wonderful things that are shared on the internet every day! Make posts a few times a week that are positive or help people find the beauty in life. A great Facebook page you can follow for these kinds of posts is, “Love What Matters.” It is a wonderful page that shares warm-hearted and hopeful messages and stories.

4. Promotes yourself or an important cause

For your professional pages, it is important to make yourself look good. Making posts about the work you’ve been doing, or a cause you are really passionate about, for example, ending global warming, world hunger, equal rights, etc. are all great things to┬ápost about, as long as you are respectful of everyone’s opinions.

5. Respectful and thought-provoking opinion

It really is ok to say what you think and feel. There is a right and a wrong way to do this. The right way to share your opinion is by sharing your thoughts without blaming or shaming others’ ideas. Express that you respect other peoples’ opinions, but that this is how you personally feel. Everyone should be able to speak about what they want, but respect is key.

At the end of the day, people will post what they want to post. There may always be fights or arguments in the comments section, but it takes people willing to move towards a more open and intellectual future.