Living Alone, What It’s Really Like

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Living alone is good to do, maybe. At least they said it’ll be fun….

I lived on my own for the first time this summer and let’s just say it was an….adventure, we can call it that. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it’s not like Pinterest where it’s clean, cute, and decorated.Couch_Living_Space

Living Alone Adventures

I was slightly scared, okay more like terrified the entire first week there! In all fairness one of the nights the shower curtain fell, making a loud bang that I could only assume was someone trying to get in! Did I get up to check it out? Defs NOT!

What I have learned is that the sooner you can make a new space yours with your things and decorations the more you will relax and feel comfortable in your new surroundings.

I thought that living on my own would be great, because I could cook my own food and eat better than I do during the school year. Wow, I was mistaken since I’m not much of a cook so I ate a TON of chicken with rice and veggies. Could have been pizza everyday so I guess that’s a win, lol!

Also, I didn’t realize how much stuff and clothes I had until I had to carry it up the stairs and figure out where to put it. To say the least, I got rid of a lot of clothes this summer that I haven’t worn in years. Seriously, I had a dress that I haven’t worn since my junior year of high school…that was over 3 years ago. Wondering how to declutter like me? These are a couple great tips for decluttering and staying organized

Buying New or Used?

I realized how much “stuff” you need, or at least what I told my mom I needed hahah. But, it’s hard to eat food if you don’t have any utensils to cook it or eat from so you definitely need that stuff. Then there is the living room area where you probably want a couch and chair if there is enough space. It’s better to look on Facebook for these items since new ones are VERY expensive. You could look at garage sales or from other people you know. I mean come on I’m a college student, I’m ballin’ on a budget! You best bet I’m looking for the best deal.

*Side note IKEA is a dangerous store, you want to buy everything or least I did!! It was my first time there and let me tell you. IKEA is a clever store, you have to walk through every room set up to get to the checkout. And they let you do the hard work by having a warehouse right before checkout to find all the products you want. 

All in all, living alone wasn’t so bad. It just took me some time to get used to the strange noises the new place made.