Meet LuAnn, our Director of Sales!

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Have you ever wondered who these people at Coloff Digital are?

Well, if so, today is your day to learn more about us! We recently hired a Director of Sales! She is awesome. Her name is LuAnn and she will be heading up the sales department, providing solutions for all of your digital marketing needs.

LuAnn first learned about Coloff Digital when she was selling radio ads for our umbrella company, Coloff Media. She dabbled in digital marketing briefly in that position before fully joining the digital team. LuAnn would describe Coloff Digital as a local, innovative & creative company. She loves that we are locally owned and equipped to provide local customer service! She really enjoys developing partnerships with the clients that we serve.

To get to know LuAnn a little bit more outside of her role as Director of Sales, I decided to ask her some fun questions.

Brittney: How do you balance your career and family?

LuAnn: I work hard while at work and then I am able to enjoy quality time with my family.

Brittney: Describe what you were like at age 10…

LuAnn: At ten, I was an energetic kid! I enjoyed learning new things and meeting new friends.

Brittney: If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?

LuAnn: I would like to be Kat Cole with Focus Brands. She is an innovative business woman who has made Cinnabon and other companies so successful. I would describe her as a humble leader who always has her employees best interest in mind. Additionally, she is very involved in serving on many boards to lend perspective including the United Nations.

Brittney: List your top 3 life highlights…

LuAnn: Being married for 25  years, raising 3 great kids, and a successful professional life where I have met and learned from many interesting people.

Brittney: What are 3 career lessons you’ve learned thus far?

LuAnn: Be an excellent listener, be organized and be a life-long learner.

Brittney: What do you do on your days off?

LuAnn: I love to run, read and spend time with my family.

Brittney: Last one, you’re happiest when….

LuAnn: When I am helping others.

If your business could use a boost online, get in touch with LuAnn Scholbrock, Director of Sales! 


Email:  Phone: 641-585-1073