music festival packing list

Music Festival Packing List

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If you live here in Forest City odds are you might be going to Tree Town, so with that being said I figured we could do a little packing list for you guys! Since everyone knows going camping unprepared never turns into a pleasant experience we encourage you to be prepared with all of the below.

  • Water. I cannot emphasize this enough! I know, I know you all will probably be having other drinks of choice, but remember that it is hot outside and you should drink water. Last year I think it was the hottest days of the summer. I was sweating just sitting outside, so please bring water!
Water bottles
  • Lawnchair. You aren’t going to want to stand the whole time so you better bring your chair.
  • Rain poncho or jacket. It is Iowa so the weather can change at any moment and you will not want to stand in the rain getting soaking wet. I went to Country Jam a few years ago and it downpoured all weekend so I was super grateful I brought a rain jacket.
  • First aid kit. This should include bandaids, ibuprofen, allergy medicine, disinfectant wipes, Emergen-C (btw I’ve heard this is great for hangovers) and bug spray. You might think you don’t need any of this stuff, but things happen when you’re having a blast.

Tip: Read the rules about bringing in only clear bags to the festival grounds!

  • Portable table. Great for so many purposes such as beer pong, eating from, and other pregame activities.
  • Cooler. You are going to want to keep your beverages cold.
  • Portable speaker. This is for when the music hasn’t started yet and you are hanging out at your campsite with friends. A portable charger also wouldn’t be the worst thing to bring. You still have a couple of days if you don’t have one yet to order, so here is what Amazon has.
Portable speaker
  • Flashlight. Your phone light just might not cut it and you will want more light. I always think you should be over prepared!
  • Paper towels. Messes will be made which leads right into the next thing to bring.
  • Trash bags. We have one planet, let’s make sure we clean up after ourselves, okay guys?

So now that you know what to bring, get packing! Have a blast and let me know if you think I forgot something in the comments below.