Music at work: The Coloff Digital Edition

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Music at work can be a huge motivator. It can even make the work day more fun! I decided to poll my colleagues and build the ultimate work playlist for productivity. In addition to that, I created a playlist of the songs that may give you a total buzzkill, whether that comes in the form of a bad mood or completely distracting you from your work.

Here is Playlist #1 – Songs that you never get sick of hearing

As you can see, there is a mix of tempo and genres in that play list. When making the ultimate playlist for productivity, you need to include the songs you love. Music is personal and you should choose songs that you enjoy to get you through your busy day. From the looks of it, some of these songs may not make the cut on an ultimate place list for others, but that shouldn’t matter when you are making your own playlist. Songs can make you feel inspired, give you ideas, or give you chills. Your brain will let you know when you love a song as dopamine is released, motivating you to act. Pretty cool, right?

Once you’ve picked out the songs you love, listen to them while working. Which songs facilitate your workflow? Can you hear a song and get up and clean off your desk in 2 minutes? Do you feel motivated to tackle a project that has been sitting on your desk for weeks? Different songs will help for different types of tasks. It may take a little while to figure all of this out, but once you do, you will be ready for any challenge.

In contrast to listening to your favorite songs all day, there may be times when you cannot plug into that playlist and you may end up hearing THAT song. You know, the song that totally annoys the crap out of you. It ruins your mood and makes your ears bleed.

Playlist # 2- Songs that you never want to hear again

Take a minute or two to develop your own ultimate playlist today. Or listen to ours and see how much you can get done (and maybe our buzz killer songs are your motivators, everyone is different). Remember, your favorite songs may give you the mental boost you need to conquer the work day. If your mind begins to wander, get it back on track with the music that facilitates workflow and turn down and tune out the productivity killers every chance you get.

Sound off in the comments below. What are your favorite songs? Do you feel inspired after hearing it? What song do you hate?