My Favorite Clothing Brands

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Anyone else feel the need to update their closet everytime the seasons change? Because I couldn’t possibly wear the same things that I wore last year…(rolling eyes at self). Here are a few of my favorite clothing brands I like to shop at!

Old NavySweater

Probably my favorite store and where I get 90% of my clothes from. For those of you who don’t know me I am rather tall and I strruuuggglllle finding pants long enough for me, but Old Navy has tall in all their sizes! No more, “I like your capris,” when they are pants on normal people. Yes, this happens to me all the time. I also love flannels and they have so many options to choose from! I used to think it was an “old lady store” growing up, so I guess that shows how much middle schoolers know lol! They also seem to always have a sale on something so I don’t have to pay a ton for all my clothes. 


I know, maybe too basic, but they have really cute things that don’t cost a lot. And maybe my favorite part is when it’s getting close to holidays they sell festival socks for only $1 so I buy like 3 pairs every season. Target is just one of those stores where you can literally buy everything…it’s terrible yet great at the same time! 

Cotton On

I bought one of my favorite rompers from here and it actually fits! They have also have really soft and cozy sweaters. If you can’t tell I’m all about being comfy.Nike leggings


If I am looking for athletic or athleisure Nike is my go to. On days I don’t really have anything going on I am definitely wearing leggings and a big sweatshirt, both probably from Nike. Don’t even get me started on their shoes…I have way too many lol.

What are some of your favorite stores or clothing brands?