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National Selfie Day

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Say cheese! Or maybe do duck lips? Today is dedicated to taking selfies!

It’s crazy to believe that as Millennials we will take an estimated 25,000 selfies in our lifetime (wow we really love ourselves) and that we spend an hour each week taking and editing the perfect selfie to post. These numbers are from if you want to take a closer look.

I’m not sure if I’m actually all that surprised because I know I have taken my fair share of selfies, but I definitely don’t post them all or even most. Maybe because I use Snapchat everyday and we all know those are our best pictures…kidding. Want more info about Snapchat? Checkout our blog about it When it comes to actually taking a nice selfie to potentially post on the gram I struggglllle.  I can take 15 pictures and decide I don’t like any of them and never post them anywhere. Anyone else guilty of this??

Guess so, since one study showed that almost half of women and a little more than half of men take at least two to five pictures before they get the perfect selfie to post. Interested in more stats like how long the average person takes to edit their photo? Then head over to! 

Oh the feeling of the perfect selfie, the one that makes you feel like a boss, the one with the cool background, right amount of smize, and amazing lighting you just HAVE to instantly post it on all your social media accounts! How else is the world to know that you, too, do awesome things?  

Selfie of scuba diver with marine life

So bust out the selfie stick, find the right lighting and selfie away on National Selfie Day!!