Podcasts, My Favorites and The Origin

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Maybe I live under a rock, but I think podcasts have gotten so big lately. Like everyone I talk to listens to one show or more!

History of Podcasts

I figured I should look into how and when podcasts actually started. So its roots are from the 1980s but they didn’t really catch on until 2004. Adam Curry and Dave Winer are the guys credited with creating podcasts. They can be about anything from educational to someone’s opinion to storytelling to sports. One article I read also said anyone can create their own show and that startup costs are mostly for equipment and software. Click here to read how to start your own!  Microphone for Podcasts

This site has a ton of stats on podcasts such as, how many people listen from home and how many listen from their cars. One stat that sticks out with me (in the marketing aspect) is “Podcast listeners are more likely to subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime.” Think about that in advertising. You don’t really see or hear ads on Netflix or Amazon so where do they get their ads? One word: podcasts. I really think advertising with podcast episodes are going to explode in the future. Maybe once they can figure out a way to target the ads depending on the location of the listener. Otherwise only at-large or online companies will be able to advertise.

My Favorite Podcasts

  • Stuff You Should Know. This one is so cool to me because it is always something different and random. Also the guys who do the show are entertaining and their voices are easy to listen to. I feel like I have learned random facts and about things in history from this show soooo check them out when you are bored.
  • A Way With Words. This one I haven’t listened to as much, but my teammate introduced it to me and it is pretty good.
  • My Favorite Murder. Oddly enough I like to listen about terrible things and crazy people. But clearly I’m not alone based on how many murder shows are out there, people must be watching them too. 
  • Stuff to Blow Your Mind. This show is similar to Stuff You Should Know and talks about all sorts of randomness. But it is so good. Listening to podcasts

9 times out of 10, if I am driving I’m listening to a podcast. They keep me more alert and awake when I’m driving. When do you listen to podcasts? Which are your favorite?