Puckerbrush Days 2018

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Puckerbrush Days in Forest City starts today! Are you ready for the fun, the music, and the games?! Sorry guys, couldn’t resist haha

Events during Puckerbrush Days

Anyone else planning on attending the pet parade today?? I love animals so I made sure to clear my calendar and plan on going to the furr-tastic event (maybe I like puns too much..is that even a thing?).  Like, I just picture little dogs in Halloween costumes and colorful outfits. And little kids trying to control a big dog that maybe isn’t the most behaved…come on I couldn’t have been the only 12 year old with a naughty puppy! Although, it would make my day if someone brought a pet cow for it and walked with it! Or carried their fish?!?

Free watermelon is a way to celebrate Friday! Along with other food vendors make me one happy girl. What is your favorite fair food? Mine is the corn dog, but not just any ordinary corn dog…it has to be the footlong corn dog. A close second is a caramel apple with nuts because an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Even if it’s covered in sugar..?

Saturday is jam-packed with events you won’t want to miss. Start the day right with pancakes at the American Legion or with a 5k run/walk, watch the parade at 10am, play sand volleyball and bean bags in the afternoon, and finish the day off with fireworks. These are just some of the highlights I am going to try to go to. Also, do you call is bean bags or corn hole?? Maybe you can tell where I’m from just by the fact that I call is bean bags! 

On Sunday there is a breakfast (may favorite meal of the day) at the airport in the morning. Then at 2pm there will Brickstreet Theatre’s Pirates Penzance at Forest City High School!

Click here for the full Puckerbrush schedule! Or if you want more info head over to Forest City’s website!


If you are like me you are wondering where in the world did the name “Puckerbrush Days” come from. Don’t worry I looked it up. It comes from a bush that densely surrounded Forest City years ago (I mean years and years ago..) The bush had berries that when eaten would make you pucker, hence the name Puckerbrush!