Reasons To Be Happy It’s Finally Summer!

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Spring and Summer are an exciting time to be in Forest City and listed below are the reasons why!

Warmer Weather

Despite the spring days that are rainy, warmer temperatures are finally here and that in itself is just exciting! I celebrated by putting away my winter clothes and taking my summer clothes out of their storage tote to hang in my closet. Something else to look forward to as the digits rise are activities, such as…

Going For a Walk, Hike, or Bike Ride

Get out and go for a walk! Forest City is the perfect small town to walk around and if you are feeling adventurous, take the hiking trails through Pammel Park or out by Pilot Knob State Park. Feeling like taking out your bicycle instead? There are perfect bike trails; one along Highway 9 which runs from Forest City out to Pilot Knob, and the other which runs from Pammel Park ending up next to Heritage Park.

Farmer’s Market

The Forest City Farmer’s will return this year on June 6th and continues every Thursday until October. Clark Street fills up with local vendors selling fresh produce, baked goods, and a variety of crafts. Some weeks even feature live music and uptown businesses will join in on the festivities.

Concerts and Events

Blue Stars Drum and Bugle camp at Waldorf University May 21st- June 12th
Forest City Puckerbrush Days July 18th- 21st
BrickStreet Theatre’s production of The Sound of Music, July 21-22nd, 26-28th at Boman Fine Arts Center
Winnebago Grand National Rally July 22nd- 27th

Water Activities

Besides the Forest City Family Aquatic Center opening Memorial Day weekend, there are other locations for other water activities. The Winnebago River has canoe and kayak access along a 26 miles stretch.

It’s Patio Season

Warmer weather means it’s patio season for local establishments. The Paddler’s Tap on Clark Street opens and outdoor seating area during the Forest City Farmer’s Market and other community events such as Puckerbrush Days.

Golfing/ Disc Golf

It’s the time of year to enjoy a round of golf at Bear Creek Golf Course. Regular golf not your thing? Perhaps you are more into disc golfing. Pammel Park has a 21 hole disc golf course.


There are plenty of options around if you enjoy camping: Pammel Park, Pilot Knob, 3 Fingers Campground, and Thorpe Park.

Plants and Flowers

Spring gets us in the mood to start planting that garden or pick some pretty flowers for your pots on the front porch. While a few stores have all you need for your lawn and garden, we are lucky in town with the addition of Lola’s Plants and Gifts. This shop is located on West K Street just off of Clark Street and has a wide variety of plants and flowers. A very cute shop in a great central location and well worth the visit.

Seasonal Businesses Open

The Den at Bear Creek Golf Course is open and serviced by Mitchell’s in Leland, IA this season. Stop out for dinner Tuesday through Friday nights. Another seasonal business ready to open on Memorial Day weekend is 99 Bottles Winery and Vineyard, located off Hwy 69 S between Forest City and Garner. Enjoy a glass or bottle with friends in the beautiful scenery on this farm.

I hope all that I mentioned above gets you excited for the season we are now in.