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Recruitment Trends for 2018

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Whether you’re already graduated from college or just picking out where to further your education, looking into your future is really important. Especially when considering careers! It also can be a never ending and daunting task. Between looking for job postings to waiting to hear if you got the job or even an interview. Good news! Recruitment and hiring processes are changing, specifically adapting to the huge usage of technology.

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Recruitment Perspective of Employee

Now, even if you don’t interview the best, you have the opportunity to “audition” and work a mock day. Or you may even get to do virtual reality testing! (Okay this is super cool to me! I would get to show what I can do knowing I can’t actually mess anything up.) Another benefit is that you really get to understand the company you are trying to work for and if they fit with your core values. With that in mind, it’s easier to feel like you really know a company before meeting them with websites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn that allow you to read about a company before applying.

Keeping your social media accounts work appropriate is as important as ever, since that is where many companies will find you first! Also, don’t forget to send a thank you note after EVERY interview! As for creative people this is your time to shine! Resumes are not just the boring pieces of paper they used to be. The new trend to help you standout is making a video! How awesome is that??

Here is a good example:

Recruitment Perspective of Company

The usage of artificial intelligence is the biggest and most efficient change. With this new technology recruiters can FIND the most qualified candidates while being unbiased in any way. Replacing the advertising for applicants technique, where you were hoping the right kind of people will apply. Another aspect changing is the addition of virtual reality! Being able to see what your applicants can actually do before hiring them is a huge advantage and enables you to find the highest quality candidates faster. Diversity is also needed within a company as it facilitates better performance and allows a company to represent it’s customers better.

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