Skydiving – Living Life to the Fullest

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At the beginning of this week I had the opportunity (and courage) to go skydiving! Yes, it was terrify and I would totally do it again…but it got me thinking about living life on the edge (in this case, the edge of nothing!) and simply living life to the fullest capacity.

First let me talk about skydiving itself! I had an absolute blast and would love to do it again!! Obviously, I was nervous (any sane person should be) when we were going up in the airplane. I had a freakout moment when I watched everyone else in my group jump out and I was the last one standing on the edge of the plane. It honestly was a good thing the instructor who was jumping with me didn’t countdown, I might not have been able to do it then! But once you are out of the plane and free falling (13,000 feet mind you) there is no turning back. At that point I just relaxed and enjoyed the scenery and the reality that I had done it!Free Falling - Skydiving

I am actually REALLY scared of heights. Especially if I don’t feel safe and secured to something so this was a HUGE fear of mine. But I knew I wanted to face it and not let fear keep me from skydiving! Crossing that off my bucket list at least. Here is the link to the place I went! They were very funny and it was crazy to me that most of the instructors stay there summer after summer, completing THOUSANDS of jumps!! My only regret is not purchasing the pictures/videos from jumping…just means I have to go again!

Living Life to the Fullest

As a society, I feel like we get into the habit of avoiding what is uncomfortable and what we are afraid of. With that thought I want to challenge you to do something that frightens you today! Trust me when I say facing your fears is one of the biggest accomplishments possible. 

What are some of your biggest fears? What is on your bucket list?