Social Media Day 2016

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June 30, 2016 is Social Media Day #SMDay

In 2010, the website Mashable  created Social Media Day. A day to celebrate the impact social media has had on worldwide communication.


What kind of an impact has social media made in your life? Are you checking-in at your favorite restaurant, sharing an interesting article with your Facebook friends, or posting the prettiest flower photo from your garden on Instagram? It’s time to reflect and think about what makes social media worthy of our time.

Users of social media like to share. Social media creates an environment that allows us to reach the maximum number of people without having to use face-to-face communication. Yet, we are able to make friends and maintain friendships over these social media platforms, which is a popular use today. The uses of social media seem endless and to some pointless, but despite what your personal feelings are on the matter, social media is here to stay. The future is not clear as technology is constantly changing, however as long as we feel the need to share the good, the bad, and the ugly, social media will prevail.

So today, in honor of #SMDay…Share a selfie, post a blog, write a tweet. Do whatever makes your heart happy and do it online.