social media post ideas

Social Media Post Ideas

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Trying to come up with new ideas to post on your social media accounts? It can be hard especially when trying to plan posts out in advance (want to know how to schedule Facebook posts? Check it out here!). So here are just a few ideas to choose from to freshen up your profile, whether that be on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

  • Run a contest or giveaway
  • Look at the national holiday calendar
  • Create an entire campaign and focus on those ideas
  • Post about local events going on
  • Share other content
  • Change the media type. For example, if you usually post pictures, throw in a short video
  • Take from content you have already published
  • Share a motivational quote
  • Post a photo of you from the day or something interesting that happened to you that day
  • How-to’s and tutorials
  • Go Live
  • Share your favorite meme

The ideas are endless for what you can post about on social media and if you ever get in a situation where you have nothing to post, I like to look at other influencers for inspiration. Some of my favorite accounts can be found here btw!