Spectacular Snapchats

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By Megan Brandrup

“Snapchat,” is a popular app that allows users to take pictures and use filters or draw on their pictures, and then send these pictures to their friends. Some users simply only write things on photos, while others take a much more creative approach. Here are some of the coolest Snapchat drawings I have seen floating around the internet!

1. Nemo Finds Snapchat


This creative Snapchat user channels his inner sea creature in this funny, “Finding Nemo,” snap.


2. A Spongy Snapchat


If you have younger kids in your house or grew up in the early 2000’s chances are you will recognize this Snapchatter’s “Spongebob Squarepants” reference.

3. A Super Snap


This Snapchat user used his artistic skills to create this awesome superhero scene!

4. Another out of this world Snapchat


Who knew Snapchat worked in outer space? It doesn’t, but this Snapping fan sure drew the details of outer space well!

5. Only on Snapchat, Carlos


This user payed homage to the popular movie, “The Hangover,” with this funny Snap.

6. The Little Mermaid’s Selfie


Ariel’s bright red hair is captured perfectly by this hilarious Snapchat user!

7. When Dinosaurs take over Snapchat


Can dinosaurs use Snapchat with their tiny arms? This user poses an important question.


I hope that these Snapchats made you smile! Tell us which snap you thought was funniest below!