Staying Organized: Uncluttered Surroundings, Uncluttered Mind

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By Megan Brandrup

Cleaning and organizing is usually associated with the Spring season. However, I personally believe that when it gets cold outside, is when people need help staying more organized. Staying organized is something I have personally always had a passion for. It’s important to be organized in many aspects of your life. At work, at home, and when dealing with important responsibilities. I have learned a few tips and tricks that make staying organized much easier.

1. Do quick clean-ups once a week.


Instead of leaving one day where you deep clean everything, do some light cleaning and put things away once or twice per week. Then, once every few weeks, take time to do deep cleaning and scrubbing. By not leaving so much mess to clean up, you will feel less intimated to tackle cleaning and organizing your space. This idea can be done in your office as well. Once a week go through all of the papers on your desk, organize them, and throw away the papers that you don’t need anymore. A clean desk makes for a more productive day.

2. Sort your mail as soon as you get it.


We all get so much extra junk mail. It really starts to pile up after a while. That is why I sort my mail out as soon as I bring it into the house. What do I need to keep? What do I want to keep? What can be thrown away? Get the junk mail into the garbage and off of your counters.

3. There is nothing wrong with needing a reminder.


I have reminders popping up on my phone all day every day. Life gets busy! Sometimes it is nearly impossible to remember everything that you need to do that day! You can use apps on your phone, or another one of my personal favorite reminder devices, sticky notes. They aren’t very high-tech, but they get the job done.

4. Calendars are friends.


My family uses multiple calendars to remember birthdays, holidays, and when bills are due. It is another great way to remind yourself of what needs to get done that day, and shows you what you have coming up later in the week.

5. Totes and containers are great, but empty space is better.


Personally, I am a minimalist. I like clean open space more than totes and boxes of things. Once a month, I like to go through my house and “take inventory” of what I have. I ask myself a few questions to help decide whether the particular item is needed or is just cluttering up your space.┬áTry asking yourself these questions, “Have I used it in the past 3 months?” “Would life be more difficult without it?” “Would someone else benefit from this?” “Is this still in good enough shape to use?” By asking yourself these questions you can determine if you really need the item, whether you should donate the item, or whether you should just throw the item away.

Don’t let the looming cold of Fall and Winter fog your brain! Follow these tips and stay neat, clean, and happy for the rest of the year! Are there any tips you think should be added? How do you stay organized? Drop us a comment and tell us about your organizational tips!