Do I Need a Website for My Business?

Savanna Cordle

As a business owner in the 21st century, you might be asking yourself questions such as, “Do I need a website? Which social media platforms should I be on? How do I know what digital marketing to participate in?” I know it can be overwhelming at times so I want to help clear up that first question, “Do I need …

Instagram is for Businesses too!

Savanna Cordle

As I was starting this internship with Coloff Digital they told me that I can run the Instagram account. I was like oh cool I already know how to do that, I have my own account, this will be easy! What I didn’t realize there is actually a lot of thought that goes behind a “good” or aesthetically pleasing account! …

Utilizing the Business Side of Pinterest

Megan Brandrup

By Megan Brandrup Pinterest has turned into a social media website of sorts. It is great for sharing recipes, decorating ideas, projects, and so much more. Recently, Pinterest has branched out to make their website more friendly for businesses to use. You can now sell products, provide links to websites, and even have clients share their opinions of your products …