Best Easter Basket Fillers

Best Easter Basket Fillers

Savanna Cordle

Easter Sunday is less than a week away! Still trying to figure out what to put in your kiddos’ baskets this year? Here is a list of the best fillers for their Easter basket! First off kids love candy! My favorite is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. They are 10 times better than the normal peanut butter cups, not really …

The Best Family-Friendly Halloween Movies!

Megan Brandrup

By Megan Brandrup These days, it can be difficult to find Halloween inspired movies that don’t involve murderous psychopaths or scary monsters under your bed. Keep your whole family happy and in the Halloween spirit with these fun and family-friendly Halloween films! 1. Hocus Pocus This 1993 Disney classic has been a Halloween favorite for years! Your kids will love going …