social media post ideas

Social Media Post Ideas

Savanna Cordle

Trying to come up with new ideas to post on your social media accounts? It can be hard especially when trying to plan posts out in advance (want to know how to schedule Facebook posts? Check it out here!). So here are just a few ideas to choose from to freshen up your profile, whether that be on Facebook, Instagram …

Branding on Social Media

Savanna Cordle

Branding can be hard, whether it’s for a specific social media platform or a company as a whole. You want to come up with something that describes who you are, but keep it intriguing! I read tons of articles that talked about having consistency, whether that’s the same filter you put on every picture or using the same phrase or hashtag. …

Instagram is for Businesses too!

Savanna Cordle

As I was starting this internship with Coloff Digital they told me that I can run the Instagram account. I was like oh cool I already know how to do that, I have my own account, this will be easy! What I didn’t realize there is actually a lot of thought that goes behind a “good” or aesthetically pleasing account! …