website structures

Differences in Website Structures

Savanna Cordle

When it comes to building a website there are 3 main site structures: Linear, Webbed (often called random), and Hierarchial. Depending on your needs for the website dictates what type of structure you will use.  Linear is pretty straight forward as it has an obvious beginning, middle, and end. Linear websites are useful when it is important for your user …


Do I Need a Website for My Business?

Savanna Cordle

As a business owner in the 21st century, you might be asking yourself questions such as, “Do I need a website? Which social media platforms should I be on? How do I know what digital marketing to participate in?” I know it can be overwhelming at times so I want to help clear up that first question, “Do I need …


Wireframes 101

Savanna Cordle

First off you might be thinking, what is a wireframe and why do I need to have one before starting to create a website (or at least I had this thought when creating my first site). A wireframe is a blueprint or a skeleton of the website you are going to build. Its primary purpose is to illustrate the structure, …