Tips for Working from Home

Tips for Working from Home

Savanna Cordle

Many of us are working from home right now due to the Coronavirus. I understand how difficult it can be to stay focused and organized so I created a short list of tips that I hope will help you to be productive while working from your new home office. (How many of us have a new appreciation for actually going …

Staying Organized: Uncluttered Surroundings, Uncluttered Mind

Megan Brandrup

By Megan Brandrup Cleaning and organizing is usually associated with the Spring season. However, I personally believe that when it gets cold outside, is when people need help staying more organized. Staying organized is something I have personally always had a passion for. It’s important to be organized in many aspects of your life. At work, at home, and when …

Music at work: The Coloff Digital Edition

Brittney Christianson

Music at work can be a huge motivator. It can even make the work day more fun! I decided to poll my colleagues and build the ultimate work playlist for productivity. In addition to that, I created a playlist of the songs that may give you a total buzzkill, whether that comes in the form of a bad mood or …