Top 5 Places To Eat In Washington DC

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Liz, our super awesome project manager, recently was in Washington DC! I asked her to share some of her favorite places to eat while she was there. These are her recommendations:

Vacations – no matter where you go, you always find fun things to do, beautiful things to see, and of course amazing food to eat! My husband and I recently went on vacation with some friends of ours to Washington DC and it was INCREDIBLE! By far one of the top 3 vacations I’ve ever taken! We walked all over the city touring as many museums as we could pack into 4 days, looking at all of the monuments, remembering those who have served for our country, and admiring the beautiful architecture everywhere you go.

Marine Corps Memorial - Iwo Jima

But one of the best things about DC is all of the FOOD options! (which if you’ve never been to DC, there are more than PLENTY of them!)

During our time there, we went to at least 12 different restaurants and enjoyed all kinds of delicious food. However, my top 5 places would have to be the following (this was not an easy decision by the way):

  • Dupont Italian Kitchen – by far the BEST Italian food I’ve ever had!
  • ChopHouse & Brewery – beautiful atmosphere with fantastic steak and seafood!
  • We, The Pizza – fun, laid back restaurant with several unique (and delicious!) pizza flavors!
  • American Indian Museum cafe – cafeteria/ a la carte style with something for everyone; traditional Native American dishes from all over North & South America!
  • And of course you CAN’T forget dessert! I recommend Pitango Gelato – homemade gelato that’s churned on site and made with fresh ingredients from local farms and orchards (and chocolate from Italy!)

Abraham Lincoln MemorialWashington DC is such a vibrant city full of people from all walks of life, beautifully built historical buildings, and of course excellent food! If it isn’t already, I highly recommend you put DC on your travel (and food!) bucket list!