Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Love

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We are a week away from Valentine’s Day and now is the perfect time to plan or even get what you are going to give your Valentine this year. Now some of you may be thinking, my significant other and I don’t do this hallmark holiday. But let’s be honest, everyone likes knowing they are appreciated even if it is something small. So here are some cheap and thoughtful things you can give for Valentine’s Day.

  • Chocolate or candy. Maybe the most obvious and cliche option, but still totally acceptable.
Chocolates for Valentine's Day
  • Fuzzy blanket. For someone who is always cold this is the perfect gift. Especially for us in the Midwest, because winter is never ending!
  • Jewelry. Okay this is maybe more for women, but some men like a cool new watch or necklace. Although it is kind of an overdone option, it doesn’t have to be over the top diamonds and bling. Something small and meaningful. For an example here is a heart necklace on Amazon for only $10 and a men’s watch for $10!
  • Playlist. Creating a list of songs that remind you of your SO is probably the most sincere and sweet thing you could do. And lasts waayyy longer than chocolate.
  • Favorite soda/coffee/wine. I think knowing who you are gifting is important to know what they would like best of the three. Or maybe team up their favorite drink with their favorite sweet!
  • Date coupons. This is good for the future and you could even go and plan things in advance. For example, one coupon says “go to the movies” while another says “dinner at your favorite restaurant.”
  • Movie night. Just staying in and having a movie night where your love gets to pick the movie. Make sure to have popcorn or other snacks at the ready! Or if you want to watch a newer movie, but aren’t sure which one you could check out my movie review 🙂

What have been your favorite Valentine’s Day gifts?