Ways to Ignore the Snow

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Okay for real who ordered the snow this early in November?? I am ready to throw down with them. Don’t get me wrong I love the pretty snow like we are having, but it is only November 9th! At least wait until after Thanksgiving. So here are the ways I will be trying to avoid this early snow and cold. You can try them too if you just aren’t ready like me.

Take a nap

  • Sleeping your problems away is always a great way to live life. (I am totally kidding by the way)

Mix up a fruity drink

  • Wow what another great way to deal with life problems…again, kidding. Here is a link to 10 island drinks you can try!

Take a bath

  • Typically people can’t see out their windows from the tub so this is perfect for the see no snow, there is no snow thought process. So turn on the hot water, light a candle or two and relax. Maybe even make that fruity drink and bring it to the bath.

Eat ice cream

  • Nothing says summer like ice cream! My favorite is vanilla with peanut butter. What is yours?

Turn the heat up in your house and wear shorts

  • Okay this can be expensive if you pay separately for utilities, but that is the nice thing about college housing. Utilities are already included so I can turn the heat up to 90 and the only complaint will be coming from my roomie. This is also fun if you have neighbors who might see you through the window and already think you’re strange. 

Go on vacation to a warmer destination

  • Maybe the least realistic but definitely the most fun! So maybe you can start planning your next vacation to somewhere warmer. I know I have, any guesses where I’m going next??