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Location: Forest City, IA or Remote (if remote, must work during regular business hours)
Type: Full Time, Salary + Benefits

Coloff Digital is seeking a skilled Website Lead to organize, build and implement client website projects using WordPress CMS exclusively. In addition to interfacing with our team, this person will work directly with clients during multiple phases of the development process. Outstanding communication skills are required. Experience building websites in WordPress is preferred and design/UI skills are a bonus. Knowledge of DNS, servers, browsers, UI/UX design, HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery & PHP/MySQL is also important. Training in these areas can be provided. Self-training will be required. Additional responsibilities include website programming/development, website support & maintenance, and website issue diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Required Knowledge (Training Available)

  • PHP (WordPress-based functions)
    • Hooks, actions, filters, shortcodes, etc.
    • MySQL Databases
    • PHPMyAdmin
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Server administration
  • Domain Name Systems (DNS) administration
  • Registrar administration
  • Email systems administration
  • WordPress administration

Responsibilities: Website Project Management

  • Utilize company project management software to plan, track and communicate status of all website projects to stakeholders
  • Create and maintain efficient processes for website building / maintenance
  • Work with other departments / team members to ensure projects stay on track
  • Interface with clients and team members on a weekly basis to provide updates
  • Assist in generating website proposals
  • Document consistent technical and functional specifications across all builds

Responsibilities: Website Programming & Development

  • Interface with clients & our team on a daily basis
  • Design and implement client websites / landing pages from initial concept, setup, site architecture, and user interface to finished deliverable
  • Build out designs completed by the web designer
  • Code and implement WordPress sites using Pro Theme by Themeco
  • Implement new features, enhancements, and content of existing websites
  • Create and update re-usable code libraries and/or templates to streamline WordPress development cycle
  • Ensure that we meet “go-live” deadlines for all sites

Responsibilities: Website Support & Maintenance

  • Maintain all client websites and internal websites
  • Respond to, execute and follow up on website maintenance requests promptly
  • Support, extend and/or enhance existing code
  • Track hours spent on website support requests
  • Facilitate client WordPress training, site documentation and maintenance
  • Provide technical consultancy services to project stakeholders
  • Analyze web traffic metrics and suggest solutions to boost web presence
  • Handle any website issues that arise; adjust websites accordingly
  • Find new ways to optimize websites
  • Troubleshoot website errors/issues
  • Manage client expectations & maintain positive client relationships
  • Other duties as required

A Typical Day

  • Push multiple website projects along in order to meet deadlines
  • Monitor, analyze and optimize all active websites with a high attention to detail
  • Maintain outstanding communication with stakeholders regarding active websites

A Perfect Day

  • All websites are secure and running efficiently & effectively
  • All clients are satisfied with website build progress
  • Plugins, themes, software, etc. are up to date
  • Website build projects are ahead of schedule

Top of Mind Issues

  • Understanding the end user
  • Making clients happy
  • Improving your skills and knowledge
  • Finding new, efficient ways to optimize our website processes

How to Apply

Apply online now


Send your resume and cover letter to If you have a design portfolio or a list of websites you’ve built, please include those as well. We look forward to hearing from you!