What to do in Forest City

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If you are from Forest City you might think it’s rather boring. Or if you’re a college student you might have the same thought since there are only a couple bars and no clubs, like wait I thought I was going to college to party?!

Well after being here for 2 years I’ve decided it isn’t so bad and there is actually a lot a person could do!


  • Go for a walk/hike through Pilot Knob. It’s good for you to be active (@CollegeStudents)
  • There are plenty of rivers to go fishing. Now this isn’t my cup of tea but it is relaxing and nice to get outside and breath fresh air for awhile.Fishing
  • On that note of getting outside, last fall I found Thorpe Park! It is the cutest little pond and grasslands area. The only downfall is that you have to drive down a gravel road quite a ways, but they have a dock to go fishing off and a landing if you had a kayak/canoe. If you wanted to, you could even camp out there or stay in the cabin!
  • Play frisbee… Or disk golf? Not sure what it’s called. Pammel Park has a nice course.
  • Get a group of friends together and have a board game night. Have each person bring something such as chips or lemonade. I have done this a couple times this summer and have enjoyed learning new games!
  • Visit one of the libraries. You might be surprised to find out they have movies too if you don’t like to read. But also expose yourself to new things, like reading (you might actually like it)
  • Sand volleyball! Get your friends and go to the courts by the football field.
  • Do good and visit the nursing home. This is something I have really enjoyed doing this past summer. Knowing that just by coming to talk with someone can make their day means so much!


  • Go bowling at Super Bowl. They have Cosmic Bowling which is pretty fun in the winter months when not much else is going on.
  • Golfing at Bear Creek Golf Course. For their prices click here. I have tried golfing one time and lets just say I’m not the best golfer…Golf Ball and club
  • Chipped Inscriptions is fun if you are looking to get crafty!
  • YMCA in town is constantly upgrading their facility. Check out their website for all the different programs they offer and membership fees (PS if you are a Waldorf Student, you get in for free during the school year!)