Where to eat in Forest City

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This summer I vowed to try every place to eat in Forest City since I was going to be living there annnnddd because I. LOVE. FOOD. So here are my thoughts on the cuisine options in good ‘ol Forest City.

  • Maybe one of the obvious choices is Casey’s pizza, but let’s be real, it never gets old. If anyone wants to get a breakfast pizza let me know! (Like seriously, any time…) Also they deliver…nothing better. 
  • I have a slight obsession with sweet potatoes and Shooters has sweet potato fries so they are good in my book.
  • I have heard such good things from Taco Jerry’s/Borderline Pizza, but was scared to go in there for a LONG time because it looks a tad sketchy. My only regret is not going sooner! Their cheese bread is practically a small pizza without sauce and I get that almost every time now and have no shame to say I eat the whole thing myself!
  • Scoopy Doo’s. First let me say what a clever name! Also I am not a huge ice cream person, but I can’t say no to their cookies n’ cream hard dip in a waffle cone.
  • I appreciate Ay Jalisco because sometimes ya need some chips and salsa and a good margarita.
  • Pie AND breakfast?! Sally’s is my new go-to! Just make sure to bring cash to pay.
  • Craving a sandwich or wrap? Then head over to classic Subway.

  • I absolutely LOVE Chinese food so I was pretty excited to try Sum Hing.
  • Lastly, A&W. Let me say first off that I don’t drink much soda, but Root Beer is my weakness…Did you know you can buy it by the gallon or half gallon there?!?

Did I miss a place to eat in Forest City? Let me know in the comments!