Wix vs. WordPress

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The two most common names you may have heard of used to build websites on are Wix and WordPress. What is the difference between these two and is one better than the other?

Installation/ Hosting

Wix: Is a tool/service you sign up for and it includes its own web site host and tech support.
WordPress: Is a stand-alone software you would need to install yourself or have installed by a third party, such as a website host. WordPress does not include its own host like Wix and you would need to find your own host as well as tech support. An example of a third party that hosts WordPress is Bluehost, which has tech support.

User Friendliness

Wix: Very user-friendly and ideal for beginners. There are many themes to choose from and the drag and drop option lets you edit while previewing.
WordPress: More suited for people who are more advanced and know how to code. Even though more knowledge and plugins may be needed, the options on what you can do with design or themes are limitless.

Type of Business

Wix: A great option for a portfolio type of website for a small business. There are options to include an online store on a Wix website but functions may be limited like calculating shipping or tax costs.
WordPress: Great for bloggers or larger businesses. Additional plugins are needed but the online store functions and options on a WordPress site are less restricted.


Wix: A combo plan for a personal site is $13.00 per month, Unlimited plan for a small business is $17.00 per month, and the Business basic plan including an online store is $23.00 per month. These can be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
WordPress: WordPress plans can break down to $4.00 to $12.00 per month but costs go up if you add any additional premium plugins. Another cost to factor in is if you need to hire a developer to manage these plugins and the overall maintenance of your website if you don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself.

Is one really better than the other?

Both platforms are great options, it really does depends on what you need for your website. If you lack the insight and just want something basic that looks great, Wix is a great option for beginners and small businesses. If your website needs extensive designing and requires an online store that can handle all sorts of orders than WordPress is the better.