D.K. ARNDT: Accounting Superheroes

Certified Public Accounting Firm in Forest City, Iowa


To build awareness with a creative take on a typically conservative sector, featuring the D.K. Arndt Team by highlighting their Accounting Superhero Personas. This will be achieved by featuring each superhero and their unique superpower/trait. Each superhero’s trait will appeal to the things a person is looking for in a tax firm.


To develop and deploy a 3 month campaign to run on Facebook/Instagram that features all superheroes. Traffic from these digital ads will go to a landing page that features all superheroes with more information about them, what they specialize in at D.K. Arndt and a call to action button to set up an appointment with the superhero that they best connect with.




Brand Strategy
Graphic Design
Digital Advertising
Content Marketing
Web Design & Development 

Landing Page

This landing page was the central hub of information where all traffic from digital ads was directed.


A newspaper publication called "The Bottom Line" was created, displayed and distributed at all office locations for new and existing clients to enjoy. This newspaper featured fun, make believe adventures of the D.K. Arndt superheroes putting their superpowers to use in order to save the day.

Digital Ads

A digital ad was created for each Superhero persona and featured on Facebook and Instagram.